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    SHINNING successfully passed the TüV mark certification
    2019-03-21 13:35:01

    Shenzhen Shinning Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully passed the German TÜV mark certification in February 2019. This mark, also known as the Type Verification Mark or the TUV Mark, is a safety verification mark for appliances and components. This mark indicates that the product has been tested and tested by the German organization Rhein Group, which meets all the safety standards required by the company, and is regularly supervised by the production process.

    The passing of the TÜV certification indicates that Shinning's products not only have unique technological leading characteristics, but also fully demonstrate that the safety and quality of Shinning connector products comply with EU standards.



    The TÜV logo is a safety certification mark specially designed for component products in Germany. The product has been certified by the TÜV logo and has passed the independent testing and factory inspection of the TÜV Group to prove that the product meets the safety requirements of relevant European or international standards. The TÜV logo is widely recognized by manufacturers and national certification bodies in Europe and around the world. In the process of complete machine certification, all components that have obtained the TÜV mark are exempt from inspection.

    As early as 2007, Shinning Company has passed the UL sighting laboratory certification of the United States. Both UL and TÜV certifications need to include AC: IEC60320-1 standard and DC: IEC61984-1 standard. With the development of electronic information technology, Shinning Company has invested a large amount of research and development expenses for the leading generation of information technology communication connection products. The company has been in the leading position in the industry in the research and development of high-density and high-speed communication connection products. Many high-end connection products developed in China are the first in China and have obtained patented technology. In the future development, Shinning will continue to enhance R&D technology and product quality to provide customers with reliable connection products!